About Us

Here at paulcameronsmith.com, we take pride in what we do. And what we do is help customers achieve home ownership. It is in our direct interest to lend to prosperous customers that become new homeowners. We do all that while providing clear insight on your personal finance plan while you repay your loan. Bringing you into a comfortable and cozy home is our number one priority.

Trust is something that is not achieved easily, and here were trust loan takers that trust us. By successfully leaving countless customers in a safe state of their home, we ensure you that we will do the same for you. All achieved with an unparalleled level of transparency. Each customer gets our full and undivided attention.

By having a well established team, we can navigate through any task at ease. Our offices are equipped with leading tech of the industry, which is one of the key features to our successes.  That said, it does not exclude the fact that we remember where we came from and the path we took go get this far. We grow older with you and by getting yourself a mortgage you can be happy and live well while you age!

Arthur Waites

Arthur Waites

Financial consultant